Rafa Laborde-Bois Mariner


Born in 1961, he studied Law at the University of Valencia. However his professional life has been influenced by his tremendous interest and passion for Art and Design. It is this love affair between talent and hard work that takes Rafa to work as a Product Designer for the century-year-old family firm, designing unique pieces of classical decorative lighting and furniture. He gains his knowledge by working closely with craft-men and technicians for over 16 years.

Currently he is responsible for Dedalo Decor´s own brand of products. He also creates bespoke Master Pieces under commission for architects, designer and manufacturers worldwide. His designs are inspired by his love for Historical Art & Craft Period styles and enhance by his innovative creativity.

Marta López Montesinos


Born in Valencia in 1976, she got a Mayor Degree in Arts by the University of Valencia. After starting her artistic career in Spain, she moved to London to develop her artwork and research contemporary art. After her studies, she gain a knowledge of international design collaborating with an Interior Design studio, directing their showroom and developing interior residential projects for private customers.

She brought her British influence to Spain, where she has been creating and directing interior design projects for prestigious traditional manufacturers worldwide, for over 6 years.

Currently she is the other artist of Dedalo Decor and the team project manager. She travels the world to assist the clients personally and visit project sites. She also visits the most important international fairs to spot the latest trends and source the finest products.

Enrique Mariner


Enrique is born in Valencia 1972. He got his Mayor Degree in Economics by the University of Valencia and a Masters Degree in Marketing. He has taken responsibility of International Exports for over 15 years for his family-owned company, with a specialism of Middle & Far Eastern markets.

He currently is Dedalo Decor´s C.E.O. His experience and entrepreneur spirit has given the studio an international projection in the interior and luxury markets.